Instant, automated UDID registration. Run the latest iOS 10.2 beta before anyone else.


What's a UDID?

Your iDevice (e.g. iPhone) has a unique identifier called a UDID. Your UDID allows us to activate that device so it can run iOS beta software. Nothing malicious can be done by knowing your UDID so it is perfectly safe.

Where's my UDID?

Method 1
Using your iDevice

  1. Click here on your iDevice
  2. Install the temporary profile
  3. You will be redirected back to our home page where your UDID will be displayed

Method 2
Using iTunes

Visit the site below for an animation that's simple to follow

Please Note: Using an app to find your UDID will give you an invalid UDID (beginning FFFF). This method was stopped by Apple a few years ago. Please use one of the methods above to obtain your UDID.